13 January 2021

Introducing PG8 CAN bus system s gateway

The Blink Marine PG8 is a gateway module designed to provide customers with additional, simple interface solutions to their digital
switching systems at a low cost. PG8 is a perfect integration solution whether you are wanting:

greater versatility of bespoke choice in switch types and dash appearance
 additional inputs (digital or analogue)
low power outputs

...All while still enjoying all the benefits of CANbus digital power distribution.

Switches versatility

The PG8 is a great way to extend the versatility and flexibility of selection in switch types, sensors and dash layouts, yet continue to enjoy
all the benefits of digital power distribution. This includes dual control stations, remote trip re-setting and reduced cabling. All of this is
available with one low-cost interface gateway. Every range or model that requires a dash layout change becomes a simple process utilizing the same hardware, leaving all the feature enhancements and inter-connectivity to new devices networked.

Digital/analogue inputs

The PG8 allows inclusion of up to 8 digital inputs and up to 4 analogue inputs to any given onboard CANbus system. This simplifies management of additional input signals from things such as sensors in a boat or motorhome application.

Low power outputs

Thanks to PG8 it is now also possible to manage up to 8 low current outputs (max 150mA), primarily attributed to switch indicator LEDs.

PG8 Technical Datasheet is now available for download


CANopen Slave User Manual

J1939 Slave User Manual