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We produce digital switching systems for vehicles and boats. Our goal is to provide affordable, flexible, rugged CANbus components… equipped with RGB LED too!

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We discover new applications for our products every day! We speak to audiences in different markets, striving to discover and uncover specific industry needs. Our aim is put our engineer team at your service. They’re always hungry for new challenges!

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Rough weather pushbutton panels

«Pezzolato is a leader in the wood processing sector, where operating conditions are severe. We needed pushbutton panels that were able to resist rough weather and guarantee our customers continuity-of-use. PKP-2600-SI keypads are perfect for us because they are IP67 and the rubber lasts for many years.»

Gabriele Perotto, Electrical Engineer
Pezzolato S.p.a. – Italy

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We love the LED color display

«We’ve used Blink Marine buttons on several occasions in vehicle electrification projects to control different vehicle systems. We love the functionality and the LED color display, which gives the user more guidance.»

Guillaume Andre – Ingenext – Canada

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Well designed, robust and resistant

«At RASCO, we chose Blink Marine keypads for our Lynx and Lynx Charge compact street sweepers. Blink Marine keypads fits very well with Lynx’s overall design. In addition to being well designed, they are also robust and resistant to external factors. The CAN keypad reduces the number of wires and is much easier to configure than classic rocker switches. The lighting options are varied, so they can be adapted to different cabin designs. We are pleased with these products.»

Marko Medved – Rasco – Croatia

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Flexible and rugged control system

«We needed a flexible and rugged control system for a variety of projects. The interchangeable icons, rugged design and individual LED control of the PKP series were the perfect fit for us!»

Jens Naert – Vanasche Firefighting Engineering – Belgium

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Simple to install, resistant and reliable

«I restored a VW T3 Syncro for offroad adventures with my family. Having to redo the electrical service system, I needed a control panel to manage the utilities. Traditional controls were too demanding from a wiring standpoint and didn’t feel resistant or reliable. Blink Marine solved my problem. The programmable keypad was simple to install and fulfilled all my needs. It also gives a remarkable sense of resistance and reliability.»

Stefano – 4×4 adventurist – Italy

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