23 February 2016

CAN keypads for emergency vehicles

Blink Marine offers a wide range of CAN keypads that are perfect for use with emergency vehicles, first responders and any 4x4 vehicles. Equipped with CANopen, J1939 and RS485 protocols, Blink Marine keypads can dialogue with onboard systems, becoming the perfect HMI for managing any and all functions that need to be controlled from the pilot cabin of a police car, firefighting apparatus, ambulance, lifeguard vehicle, 4x4 off-roads and more. Blink Marine CAN keypads are extremely durable, resistant to both water and dust. They are designed for installation both inside and outside the cabin, and function independent of inclement weather and/or harsh work environments. This makes them particular useful for emergency vehicles and off-roads vehicles, including:
Police and security
  • Police car
  • SWAT vehicle
  • Tactical vehicle
Fire and rescue
  • Firefighting apparatus, turntable ladders
  • Mountain rescue vehicle
  • Mine rescue vehicle
  • Search and rescue team vehicle
  • Hazardous materials team vehicle
  • Lifeguard vehicle
  • Rapid response vehicles
  • Ambulance
  • Organ transplant or blood supply vehicles
Civil emergency
  • Park ranger vehicle
  • Public utility crews dealing with gas, electricity or water or to repair defective equipment on scene.