22 February 2021


Skeeter iClass and FX Series DMS replacement, a long standing problem

If you are one of the many proud owners of a Skeeter iClass or FX Series bass boat, you will be glad to discover that a long standing electronic problem now finally has a solution.
As a number of Skeeter members will attest, the original Digital Management System (DMS) installed in the Skeeter iClass and FX series had been very difficult to source as a drop in replacement since the device manufacturer (DNA group) moved out of the market back in 2013. The exit by DNA resulted in frustrations for the Skeeter i-Class and FX series boat owners, who were forced to become very creative to identify solutions to this problem.
The solution is that Blink Marine has re-entered the market, offering a brand new DMS device called the PC21B. This further advanced Digital Management System has been painstakingly designed to be a perfect “plug and play” replacement for the previous Skeeter iClass and FX series DMS, without changing any harness or plugs.




- 12V or 24V nominal input voltage

- 150 Ampere total PME input current carrying capability

- 22 switched circuits that include:

-- Momentary, toggle and time-out functions

-- Pulse-width modulation of output voltage for dimming capability on 3 circuits

-- 22 circuits, each rated up to 15A

-- 2 complete H-Bridge circuits for driving reversible motors

-- Parallel output capability to increase current rating

- An electronic circuit breaker protects every circuit. The current ratio for each circuit can be set independently

- Remote reset of any output circuitry fault through keypad

- Input undervoltage lock down


Field programmability of electrical functions and current limit trip points available to authorized OEM and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)


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Skeeter iClass and FX Series DMS replaceThe old "Pi Series" Skeeter iClass and FX series DMSment, a long standing problem

The Pi Series DMS was also called PC21 (Powercore 21) and was a well-conceived, compact PLC controller with 21 digital outputs, set in epoxy resin and splash proof.

At the beginning of its journey, Blink Marine had a strong relationship with the US company DNA, based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Blink Marine acted for DNA initially as a distributor, then as a value-added reseller to eventually become a certified system integrator. 

When DNA decided to exit out of the market, Blink Marine stepped in and entered as a manufacturer of its own PLC controllers and keypads to fill that void.

The new PC21B DMS for Bass Boats in the Skeeter iClass and FX Series

After receiving many requests for assistance from the US and Oceanic markets, Blink Marine decided to develop a bespoke solution that could work as a drop-in replacement for the old PC21, which was no longer available in the market. 

The sleek PC21B is a splash proof DMS that works with the same software as the old PC21 granting 100% compatibility with the old system. It is compact as well as repairable, as it is designed with a serviceable heat-sync metal case. The PC21B also comes with a manufacturers two year warranty. 

It should be noted that the keypads were custom made for Skeeter and are not available for replacement by Blink Marine. Under certain fault conditions, it may be possible to repair them when needed and will be advised on engineering support application.

The replacement PC21B has a default PIN Code for the locker lock/unlock and function enable/disable. Please refer to the User Manual on how to change and set that code.



– Phillips screwdriver to remove and reinstall the deck lid

– 3/8″ Socket to remove and reinstall power connections

– 5/32″ Socket to remove and reinstall cable socket

– 11mm Socket to remove and reinstall mounting nuts



Where to find iClass and FX Series bass boat DMS replacement 

Blink Marine is an Italian company based in Milan where all design, engineering, manufacture and programming is carried out.

In January of 2019, Blink decided to increase its global presence by opening a subsidiary Blink America LLC (wholly owned by us) in the USA and an office in Australia for the Oceanic Region as Blink Australia.

Blink America address details are as follows:

Blink America LLC

6465 N Avondale Ave

Chicago, IL 60631 – USA

Business Manager – Mr. Art Milbrandt – Ph. +1 (773) 828-4863 – Cell. +1 (847) 459-0885 – amilbrandt@blinkgroup.com

All sales from Blink America will be in USD currency, advance payment terms, and delivery EXW Chicago.

Blink Australia address details are as follows:

Blink Australia Pty Ltd

Unit 8, 27 Allgas Street, Slacks Creek, Brisbane, QLD 4127 – Australia

Ph. +61 (7) 3290 1196 – sales@blinkaustralia.com

Contact: Tim Dawson – tim@blinkaustralia.com 

 All sales from Blink Australia will be in AUD currency, advance payment terms, and delivery EXW Brisbane.