26 October 2023

Introducing PKP-3500-SI-MT CAN-bus Keypad with rotary encoders

A new direction in CANbus keypads

PKP-3500-SI-MT comes equipped with thirteen push buttons with replaceable icon inserts, plus two rotary encoders that are also push enabled. Thanks to four additional analogue and digital inputs, it is possible to now connect 5V sensors directly to the CANbus network through the keypad.
The compact layout and inclusion of the rotary encoders allows for significant dash space saving while expanding the functionality of the vehicle.

The PKP-3500-SI-MT is available in two models that differ in the type of knobs. The MTR version features removable inserts on both rubber knobs, while the MTP version comes with black plastic knobs without inserts.

🛒 PKP-3500-SI-MTR and PKP-3500-SI-MTP are both available in the Blink Marine shop.


PKP-3500-SI-MT Datasheet PDF


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CANopen User Manual

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J1939 User Manual

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