21 February 2018

Introducing the new PKP-2600-SI CAN Keypad

For the latest addition to Blink Marine’s expanding product line, the company’s R&D department focused its time and energy on durability, modularity and LED lighting. Following a meticulous design and prototyping process, and after a testing period lasting over a year, their efforts have crystallized in a new compact, customizable keypad: the CAN PowerKey PRO-SI (Small Inserts).

The twelve-key PKP-2600-SI can dialogue with onboard instrumentation thanks to the use of popular protocols like CANopen and J1939. The keys can be custom-configured based on the client’s needs by adjusting the software through eventual personalization of the CAN protocols; by adapting the hardware thanks to the keypad’s system of removable inserts; and/or by taking advantage of the option for selecting keypad connectors.

The new PKP-2600-SI keypad boasts several important innovations compared to its predecessor:

User manuals for the CANopen and J1939 protocols, as well as a datasheet for the new PKP-2600-SI, are available in PDF format through the following links:Furthermore, for this new version of the keypad Blink Marine adopted electronic components with greater temperature resistance and fully updated its CANopen and J1939 protocols.

Technical documentation


CANopen© User Manual

J1939 User Manual