25 July 2018

introducing new PKP-2200-SI: The King of Compact CAN Keypads

Measuring just 7.0 x 6.5 cm on the dashboard, the PKP-2200-SI is the most compact CAN keypad the Milanese company Blink Marine has ever created. Following positive feedback from companies in the automotive and marine industries involved in the final field-testing phase, the brand new CAN Keypad PKP-2200-SI will be available for sales beginning October 2018 (the other keypads of the PKP-SI series are already available in the shop).  We’re betting heavily on its compact design and modularity,” said Riccardo Arienti, Managing Director of Blink Marine, “because the market input showed us that these are clear priorities. The PKP-2200-SI allows you to manage four inputs connected to the CAN based digital system in your vehicle or boat. Many of our clients need this kind of CAN control module, especially for use alongside preexisting CAN keypads, for example to manage outboard elements, as well as to save a few centimeters on the dashboard or bridge, where you can never have too much space! With a direct, essential design that makes the CAN keypad as functional as possible, the PKP-2200-SI is perfect for anyone who wants an orderly dashboard or bridge devoid of unnecessary gadgets, switches, buttons or levers. The new PKP-2200-SI boasts all the same characteristics that has helped make the PKP-SI series so successful in the marine and automotive industries:
  • Unlimited options for the GUI (Graphical User Interface), which can be modified at no extra cost thanks to a system of icons set on removable inserts;
  • Highly compatible with onboard systems thanks to the use of CAN standard protocols like J1939 and CANopen;
  • Highly resistant, even in difficult atmospheric conditions, boasting an IP67/69K water-resistance standard and resistant to shocks, knocks and vibrations, as well as extreme temperatures (-40°C [-40°F] / +80° C [+176°F]);
  • Endless array of customization options for LED lights, both as indicator lights and as ambient illumination.

PKP-2200-SI Technical Datasheet is now available for download


J1939 User Manual CANopen User Manual