30 August 2015

PowerGate – Gateway Module

Blink Marine’s gateway modules are designed with simple interfaces (J1939, CANopen, RS232/485) and ultimately provide a low cost and effective communication solution for command and control.

While you are able to enjoy the benefits of remote input/output management, the versatility of these devices allow for easy implementation and interfacing to a multitude of possible controls from networked keypads to discrete switching components which can be tailored to your application requirements. These fully networked remote I/0 modules can interconnect simplified user controls to familiar onboard equipment such as lighting, engine functions and auxiliary power capabilities. Extremely rugged Blink Marine’s PowerGate 1000 provides unique customization of electrical control functions. This analog interface device can be used in marine, construction, truck, bus, lawn and garden, industrial and emergency vehicle applications. The PowerGate 1000 is a great way to have the versatility of choice in switch types and dash looks, yet enjoy all the benefits of digital power distribution, including dual control stations, remote trip resetting and reduced cabling. All of this is available with one low cost interface gateway. Every model and year dash change becomes a simple switch style choice, leaving all the feature enhancements and inter-connectivity to new devices networked  to the omni-BUS software configuration tools. This low-cost unit features 10 switch inputs with indicators. It can accept switching to ground or system voltage or accept input from a hall effect device. Supporting CAN, J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000, RVC and RS485-based systems, it also works with multiple connector schemes. The device is IP67-rated and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 ̊ to +185 ̊ F.
Powergate 1000 • Remote module • Wide voltage range (8-32VDC) • 10 discrete inputs that detect open, switch to ground, or battery voltage • 10 discrete indicator outputs @ 170mA • 1 output that drives 10 indicator backlights • 1 communication port available in multiple protocols • Connector speafied at time of order • Operaing Temp: -40°C to +85°C
PowerGate 2000 • Protocol translator module • Wide voltage range (8-32VDC) • 2 communication ports available in multiple protocols • Firmware programmable to handle cross-communication traffic • Provides instant CAN connectivity to non-CAN devices • Completely sealed to handle aggressive application enviroments • Connectors molded into unit • Connectors specified at time of order