With 6 keys in less than 50 cm2 and an attractive design, the PK23 is an extremely compact keypad that guarantees high button density and uncompromising design. The IP67 protection rating makes it perfect for outdoor installations as well. In addition to the icons for each button, it is possible to configure the color and number (from 0 to 3) of the RGB LED points present on each button.



CAN Keypad Addresses

Assign any valid CAN address to the keypad.

CANopen Communications Protocol

Fully compliant with Device Profile 401d.

J1939 Address Claim Transmission

Keypads no longer have to be pre-programmed to a specific address. This enables customers that work in applications in the field without access to a GUI to use any replacement keypad on-hand. The keypad can be configured to automatically announce its address and accept a new address assignment as appropriate.

Event Status Transmission

The keypad can send messages to the BUS indicating a button press or a button release event has occurred. This confirmation allows digital systems to have the same input acknowledgements as that of the latching position of a mechanical switch.

Periodic Status Transmission

The keypad sends a continuous broadcast of messages indicating the press or release status of each button at that instance. The frequency of these messages can be adjusted in a wide range.

Periodic Heartbeat

The keypad sends a continuous broadcast of  messages indicating it is functioning correctly. The frequency of  these messages can be adjusted in a wide range.

Smart Led Management

Each light spot consists of three different colored LEDs (RGB). In this way it is possible to independently adjust color and intensity gradient of light spots.


  • Configurable LED

  • Multicolor LED backlight

  • High intensity LED status indicators

  • RGB LED Indicators

  • LED backlit icons

  • Programmable functions (momentary, toggle, scroll…)

  • Vertical or horizontal mount

  • Compact design

  • Protected from inverted polarity


  • Change CAN keypad addresses independently

  • Periodic status transmission

  • Heartbeat

  • Event status transmission

  • LED acknowledgement

  • Address claim transmission

  • CANopen and J1939 communication protocol

  • Plug-and-play reconfigurability

  • Detailed user manuals available


  • Custom laser etched icons

  • Specific connectors and cables are available on request



Supply Voltage 12-24Vdc Nominal (8-32VDC)
Standby Current <50 mA
Communication BUS CANopen, J1939
MTBF 142106 hours (in accordance with MIL-HDBK-217 – operating environment ground mobile)


Connector Deutsch DT04-4P
Switch Life 3 million operations
Mechanical Shock X, Y, Z 50Gs 11ms
Vibration X, Y, Z 10 – 150Hz 0.15mm amp
Mounting Studs #10-32 Steel
Materials Silicone rubber with polyurethane hardcoat
PC Board 1,6mm thick, Nema Grade FR-4, double clad with 1oz copper
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Thermal Shock -40°C to +85°C According to table 2 of ISO16750-4
Humidity 0 to 98% (no condensation)
UV Protection UVB 400 hours
Salt Spray Per ASTMB117
Chemical Resistance Deet, Engine Cleaner, Isopropyl Alcohol,
Suntan Lotion, Multi-Purpose Cleaner,
Orange Citrus Cleaner, Muriatic Acid
Ingress protection Rating IP67/IP69K
Weight 90 gr


Technical schemes